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EquipCondensed Font Download


EquipCondensed is the matching complement for

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Equip Font Download


Equip, a new versatile geometric sans face in 16 styles, designed on a geometric base, forms together with

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Equip Slab Font Download

 Equip Slab

Equip Slab, a new hardline, serif dominated face designed on the same geometric base as the rest of the Equip family. With its clarity it appears strong, imperative and straight forward.

The Equip Slab family comprised 16 styles and is well suited for ambitious typography. It comes in OpenType format with extended language support. All weights contain ligatures, proportional lining figures, tabular lining figures, proportional old style figures, lining old style figures, matching currency symbols, fraction- and scientific numerals and matching arrows.

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Proxima Nova Soft Font Download

 Proxima Nova Soft
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Marydale™ Font Download

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Festivo Letters Font Download

 Festivo Letters
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Century® Schoolbook Font Download

 Century® Schoolbook
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Brandon Printed Font Download

 Brandon Printed
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Eveleth Font Download


Eveleth from Yellow Design Studio is a premium high-resolution letterpress family with exceptional realism and vintage charm. It features 3 different sub-families each with its own unique printed texture. Each sub-family offers six distress options per letter and 3 options for all other characters allowing incredible control and customization. Bonus “spurs” have been included in every weight to add retro flair. Other features include a complimentary Thin weight, a shadow layer, a set of funky icons, a collection of useful shapes and emblems, and clean (non-distressed) versions.

The font package includes character maps for the Icons and Shapes plus instructions for adding spurs.

Eveleth Tips:

- In Photoshop try different 'anti-aliasing' settings for best results.

- In Illustrator if the shadow layer doesn't align with the normal layer, change the “First Baseline” setting in the Area Type Options to “Em Box Height”.

- Because of its complex outlines, Eveleth may process slowly in some applications.

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ITC Lubalin Graph® Font Download

 ITC Lubalin Graph®
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